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Use Cutting Edge Technology To Turn
Shared Content Into Your Personal Billboard


Cliks.It uses new groundbreaking state-of-the-art technology so that you can:


  • Build an Email List Instantly

    Build a rapid list of email subscribers from sharing other people content. Segment your list into niche buyers based on the content you are sharing. Fully customisable subscription forms.

  • Piggy Back Off Viral Content

    To bring authority and traffic to your offers. Share the latest viral videos from any authority site and start to build instant traffic back to your site. Using our unique call to action buttons.

  • Hijack Authority Pages

    With your own link…thats right you can share high authority pages and content on your social feeds and hijack those pages with links to your affiliate offers or back to your own sites. Grow your site overnight.

  • Retarget Everyone

    With our new technology you can retarget anyone who clicks on any of your shared content, so think of it like this, when you share niche content not only are you.

  • Domain Whitelabeling

    If you don’t want to share our domain no problem just add in your own. With our new technology you can add in your own domain and use that domain to share your content so everything is branded to YOU!

  • Full Analytics Suite

    We have a full analytics suite so you can instantly see which links are working for you, which are delivering the most leads/visitors/sales. Want to know which social network converts best for you? no problem…everything is covered.


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Bonus One WP Viral Exit

WP Viral Exit  

WP Viral Exit is a WordPress plugin that will skyrocket your social shares. It adds a social share exit to any outgoing links giving you an instant boost to all your social signals



  • Boost traffic from Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn: get more likes and shares and increase traffic.
  • Handle outgoing links: popup box appears once users click outgoing links.
  • Highly customizable: set size, colors, opacity, background image and even edit CSS.


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Bonus Two Viral Connect

WP Viral Exit  

Viral Connect enables you to add some Facebook functionalities to your WordPress blog or website, including the Facebook connect functionalities (connecting with Facebook, creating a WordPress account using Facebook… ). This plugin also provides a way for blog owners to post updates to their user's wall, and store their user's emails for marketing or newsletter uses



  • Enables users to connect with their Facebook account.
  • Enables users to create a WordPress account using their Facebook credentials.


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Bonus Three Cliks.It White Label


Clicks It


If you buy through my bonus page you will get unlimited access to the Whitelabel section. This allows you to brand your own domain when using Cliks.It


Don't use our domain use your own.


Other users will have to pay $47 for this and you will get access to this just for buying through my bonus page.




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